In this article, I am gonna show you the celery juice recipe for weight loss.

Celery juice is thought to be beneficial for losing weight. According to Anthony William  “Celery juice is one of your healing tools for correcting weight issues. Celery is an herb (not a vegetable) that when juiced and consumed on an empty stomach every morning disarms (aim fo 16 ounces or more) and flushes out toxins.”

Although Anthony William suggests drinking celery juice without mixing anything to it, I will put some ingredients to it which I have tried. 

What are the ingredients?

  1. One bunch of celery
  2. 1/4th medium-sized apple
  3. ½ Kiwifruits
  4. Honey (optional)

Celery for weight-loss

Celery is a low energy food also called “negative calorie food” which means more energy will be required to digest celery than it will produce. (R). celery is a hydrating food that consists of about 95% water. It will keep you hydrated.

Celery; 1st ingredient

Another thing, it is a good source of fiber. 1.6 grams of fibers are available in one cup of sliced celery stalks. (R

Adding fibers to your daily diet can help you lose weight incredibly. But juicing celery removes most of the pulp. (R) So you will need a juicer that keeps fibers.

Apple for weight loss

Apple is also a low-calorie fruit. You will get 95 calories from a medium-sized apple and 3 grams of fiber. (R)

Apple; 2nd ingredients

A group of 49 women was taken for research. They were given three apples, three oat cookies, and three pears for 10 weeks keeping the calorie value the same. The women group that taken the apple showed incredible results. Apple group lost 0.91kg (2 pounds), the pears group lost 0.84kg (1.6 pounds), and the oats group didn’t show any change of weight losing or gaining. (R)

Kiwi fruits for weight loss

Kiwi is the third ingredient in this recipe. They are also fiber-rich fruit. Even the skin of kiwi fruits contains 1 gm of extra fiber. On the contrary, a peeled kiwi fruit (69 grams) contains 2 grams of fiber. (R). And, as mentioned earlier fibers are proven to lose weight.

kiwi fruits; 3rd ingredient
kiwi fruits

In a study of 41 people, they were given two kiwi fruits every day for 12 weeks. It was found that their vitamin C level was increased, blood sugar level was decreased, and waist circumference was decreased by 1.2 inches. (R)

As all the three ingredients mentioned above have weight loss ability we can make juice of them using a juicer that keeps fiber so that all the fibers (pulps) can’t be ejected.

Celery juice recipe for weight loss

celery juice recipe for weight loss

Celery, Apple and Kiwi fruit juice

A simple recipe to make celery juice for weight loss with apple and kiwi fruit
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
0 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course beverage, Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1 cup


  • juicer
  • knife


  • 5 stalks celery organic
  • ¼ piece apple
  • ½ piece kiwi fruit
  • 2 tbsp honey (optional)


  • Take and wash 5-6 celery stalks and slice them into smaller enough pieces to fit into the chute in your juicer.
    Cut celery stalks into smaller pieces ; step 1
  • Take an apple and wash it properly ~ cut it into 4 equal pieces and take one piece from it.
  • Wash a kiwi fruit properly and cut it into two equal pieces and take one
  • Put all the ingredients into your juicer and run it.
    run the juicer; step 4
  • You will get the juice into the juice container of your juicer. Drink it as early as possible within 72 hours.


You may add 1-2 tablespoons of honey if you want. Make sure to use pure honey.
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Final verdict

Celery juice has become a craze nowadays. Thanks to “Mr. Anthony William” who is responsible for the craze. However, weight loss is one of the benefits of celery juice. You can try the celery juice recipe for weight loss described above.

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