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Omega MM900HDS

Alicia T Anderson

omega mm900hds review
Juice Yield
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Omega MM900HDS is the official celery juicer that has been licensed under Medical Medium. The additional celery attachment along with its dual-stage performance makes it supremely efficient for celery juicing. But, you can yet juice other things, such as leafy greens, dense fruits, and citruses.


Key features

  • Brand omega
  • weight 17.11 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Speed 80 RPMs
  • Wattage 200 watts, 2 HP
  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Dual-stage extraction
  • 15 Years Parts & Performance warranty


It is a horizontal masticating juicer, weighing 17.11 pounds and having dimensions 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches which is similar to NC900HDC. A horizontal juicer is more beneficial than the vertical one because of its larger output size which makes it an easy-to-clean juicer.

The silver color makes it look great, you won’t dislike it.

Now, let’s see what are the features that make the juicer really good for celery. The following five features make MM900hds extremely extraordinary for celery.

No #1 – Additional celery attachment

The juicer is dominating in celery juicers world for its additional celery attachment.

“Everyone always asks me what juicer I use — and this is it… It’s the best juicer I’ve seen on the market… There’s not another juicer on the market that can extract the juice out of celery like this one does…” Anthony William, The Medical Medium

Anthony William, The Medical Medium

It is including a celery end cap along with a dual-stage extraction feature to ensure the highest juice yield from celery. Besides, it is a masticating juicer and to juice celery masticating juicers is the best choice.

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No #2 – Two-stage operation for high Juice yield

You will get a 90% juice yield which is obviously a great benefit. You won’t have wasted much of your produce while juicing. As mentioned earlier, the dual-stage feature makes it an ultimate juicer for celery. In the first stage, most of the juices will be extracted by crushing the produce and in the second stage, the leftover juice in the pulp will be extracted by squeezing the produce.

You will get the maximum juice output with minimum produce input.

No #3 – Low speed

The juice quality is so good that the juice shelf time is 72 hours which means you can drink your juice within 72 hours of making it without dropping the taste. The slow speed of the auger (80 RPM) will smoothly extract juices without oxidizing it as there is barely heat generation by the auger. So, you can consume the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.

No #4 – Quiet

Drinking celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach is the best practice of drinking celery juice. So, you would have to run the juicer every morning when your family members are sleeping. You wouldn’t want to awake them by the irritating noise of your juicer. MM900HDS is quiet enough not to wake up your family members while they are sleeping in the morning.

No #5 – Easy to clean

Cleaning a juicer is extremely irritating but cleaning MM900HDS isn’t. You may find it difficult to take apart the parts for the first time. A small tip for that is don’t pull the parts, push the parts out from the silver shafts instead. It will take hardly five minutes to clean the juicer.

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5 features that make omega mm900hds the best celery juicer

What else can be juiced?

Although it is specially designed for celery, you can juice a variety of produces using this juicer, For example, wheatgrass, carrots, beets, parsley, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and many more.

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Criteria Specification
Type Masticating juicer
Speed 80 RPM
Wight 17.11 lbs.
Juice shelf time 72 hours
Wattage 200 watt
Warranty 15 years
Noise Quiet
Pressure setting 3 adjustable pressure settings

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MM900HDS video review


  • Extract more nutrients than the above two juicers
  • Quiet
  • Can also be used for making baby foods, nut butter, pasta, and sorbets
  • Less heat production
  • Less oxidation


  • Expensive
  • Slow
  • Take more space
  • Harder to clean

Frequently asked question

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Final verdict

If you are searching for a juicer that can efficiently juice celery, wheatgrass, beets, carrots, vegetables, and fruits you can definitely go for Omega MM900HDS. It will be an amazing addition to your kitchen.

But if you want a juicer that can be used to grind, make nut butter, extrude pasta, you should probably go for NC900hdc.

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