Omega brand is doing a fabulous job in the juicer machine industry. They are one of the leading manufacturers of juicer machines all over the world. Omega nc900hdc and mm900hds are their two leading models that have taken public attention for their extreme performance.

In this article, I am gonna show you head to head comparison between these two models.

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Quick comparison table

Features Omega MM900HDS Omega NC900HDC
Image MM900HDS Omega Omega NC900HDC
Weight 17.11 lbs 13 lbs.
Type Masticating Masticating
Pressure setting 3 5
Power 200 watt 150 watt
Speed 80 RPM 80 RPM
HP 2 HP 2 HP
Noise Low Low
Pulp ejection External External
Warranty 15 years 15 years

So, the table above illustrates a short overview of the similarities and dissimilarities between the two models. Now, let’s know in detail. First of all, I am gonna review the similarities.

What are the common features?


Both are having same speed that is 80 RPM. This speed seems slower but having great advantages. They extract juices from the produces slowly, as a result you get the highest juice yield. Not only that it causes less heat production so that the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes can’t be oxidizes thus preserves maximum nutrients.

Dual-stage operation

Both the models are featuring dual-stage operation for providing you maximum juice yield. In first stage, the juicer will chop the produces into smaller pieces and then in the second stage it will squeeze out the juice from produces removing the pulp.


Both are masticating juicers and these types of juicers are popular because of their quiet operation. They don’t make too much noise that can disturb your family members and neighbors as well.

72-hours Store juices

The low speed operation causes less heat build-up to store your juice for about 3-days (72 hours). Even you will get the same taste after 72 hours.

Pulp ejection

Both are having external pulp ejection feature and you won’t have to do anything manually to eject the pulp. The machines automatically eject the dry pulps into a container.


Both are having same dimensions which is 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches.


Both are having 15 year warranty

Differences between Omega NC900HDC & Omega MM900HDS

Design & portability

Omega NC900hdc

The design seems similar but there are some unnoticeable differences. NC900 is metallic in color. This machine does have a carry handle to make it easy to carry.

Also, The weight is 13 pounds, which is about 4 pounds lesser than MM900.

Omega MM900HDS

MM900 is Silver in color. This model doesn’t have any carry handle as a result, it is quite difficult to carry this juicer.

The weight is 17.11 pounds, which is 4 pounds more than NC900.


So, in the case of portability, NC900hdc will stay ahead of MM900HDS because of its carry handle feature and less weight.



Like the most standard juicer machine, this juicer have 150 watt motor power.


Compared to NC900hdc, this juicer have more power that is 200 watt which makes it more powerful.


MM900hds has won the race while it is about motor power.

Pressure settings


This juicer has five adjustable pressure settings that will give you the most juice yield.

No dedicated end cap for celery juicing


Compared to NC900, this juicer has fewer pressure settings, which is three end cap pressure settings.

Dedicated end cap for celery juicing


I might it’s a tie. Although NC900 has 5 pressure settings, it doesn’t have any dedicated end cap for celery. While MM900hds have three setting with a dedicated end cap for celery.



Includes 6 nozzles and 2 Juicing screens.


compared to NC900hdc, MM900HDS is providing you a variety of accessories including a juicing cone, a cleaning brush, a pulp bowl, two adjustable end caps, and a juice bowl.


Definitely MM900HDS for providing a variety of accessories.



It is a multi-process juicer that can be used to juice almost any fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass and celery.

You can also use it to squeeze pasta, make nut butter, whip up soy milk, prepare baby foods, grind coffee and spices, mince garlic and herbs.


You can use it as a juicer only


NC900hdc has won the race for its multi-functional use.

Pros & Cons



  • Multi-functional
  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • 15-year warranty
  • 5 adjustable pressure settings
  • My top pick for celery


  • Expensive
  • Comes with fewer accessories



  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • 15-year warranty
  • 3 adjustable pressure setting
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Top pick for celery recommended by medical medium


  • Specially designed for celery
  • Not multi-functional

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final words

So, Omega NC900HDC vs MM900HDS. which one wins the race?

Both are great juicer with tremendous performance. But considering functionality and performance, I would put NC900hdc forward. Having this machine will save you a lot of bucks definitely.

When you have nothing else to do but juice, you can go for MM900hds. It will provide you a long-term service.

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