There are a variety of juicer machines available on market. Every type has its own features and benefits. But not all of them, are good for celery juicing. Masticating juicers are best for celery. In this article, we are gonna learn How masticating juicers work and why they are best for celery.

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What is a Masticating Juicer?

Masticating juicers are also known as slow press/cold press juicers. They are named so because of their slow operating procedure. The single auger runs at a lower speed of 80-120 RPM reducing heat production. The auger crushes celery and other food that is fed through the chute and then slowly squeezes the produce to separate the juice and pulp.

After that the juice runs through a mesh and stored into a external juice container and the pulp is stored into a pulp container. The pulp container might be either internal or external.

The lower speed and slow process has a great benefit. It causes high juice yield with highly preserved nutrients as there is less heat production.

What type of juicer is best for celery juice?

A masticating juicer is always best for celery as it squeezes the mashed produce slowly and extracts juice from it efficiently with highly preserved nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. Omega NC900HDC and omega mm900hds are two of the best Masticating juicers for celery that has been appreciated by most people.

5 reasons you should buy a masticating juicer for celery

You will better understand why you should buy a masticating juicer for celery from the following reasons.

No-#1- High juice yield

A masticating juicer will provide you up to 80-90% juice yield from celery and other fruits and vegetables which is 35% more than a centrifugal juicer. As I mentioned earlier, it slowly extracts juices by squeezing the produce thus giving you a high juice yield.

masticating juicers provide high juice yield
masticating juicers provide high juice yield

You might know the story of “turtle” and “rabbit”. Turtle always wins the race. “Slow and steady, wins the race”.

So, you are not gonna waste your much of your celery or fruits and veggie by using a masticating juicer to juice them.

No #2- High Juice Quality

masticating juicers provides high quality juice
masticating juicers provides high quality juice

The juice quality made by a masticating juicer is supremely high. The centrifugal juicer produces high heat while operating as the auger runs at high speed which is about 800-1200 RPM. As a result, some of the nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins are destroyed.

But Masticating juicer doesn’t produce too much heat as the auger spins really at slow speed so that the nutrients can’t be oxidized by heat. Thus providing you a fresh high quality juice.

Also, you can store your juice for a longer period and the taste will not be changed.

No #3- Quiet operation

One of the great reasons, Masticating juicers are most popular amongst different types of juicer, is their quiet operation. They are unlike other juicers available on market. Your baby is not gonna be waking up and your neighbors are not gonna be knocking on your door with a complaint of noise pollution. You can even have a conversation with someone while operating these types of juicers. Isn’t that incredible?

No #4- Multifunctional

Many masticating juicers, nowadays, are multifunctional which means you can do many things other than juicing, such as, making nut butter, preparing baby food and frozen desserts, Almond milk, squeezing pasta, and many more. Omega NC900HDC is a masticating juicer that can handle all of these functions.

No #5- Easy to clean

Cleaning a juicer is the most irritating part of using a juicer. But nowadays, masticating juicers are manufactured with a solution to this problem. Most of the masticating juicer takes 2-5 minutes to clean up.

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5 reasons you should buy masticating juicer for celery graphical representation.
5 reasons you should buy masticating juicer for celery

So, which juicer is best for celery?

There is a wide range of masticating juicers available on the market for celery. Among them, Omega NC900HDC and Omega MM900HDS have won the race. Omega NC900HDC is my top pick for celery for its multifunctional features. On the other hand, Omega MM900HDS has been recommended by the medical medium. Or you can find more options by clicking here.

Confused about buying either NC900HDC or MM900HDS? You can read the full article “NC900HDC vs MM900HDS“.

Final verdict

Although a masticating juicer is best for celery you can still use a centrifugal juicer for celery. You can even juice celery without a juicer by using a blender.

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